City College is located in a modern building on the Sanepa Ring Road, Lalitpur with spacious infrastructure. It covers a land area of 5 ropanis of land. The facilities for the students of City College include adequate space for outdoor and indoor games, photocopy service centre, coffee shop and adequate parking space.

City College has designed its classroom in the amphitheatre format that promotes effective interactions in the classroom. The smart classrooms are designed to have an optimum use of information and communication technology.

The school has ultramodern furniture and equipment. It is bestowed with modern computer lab and a library with 2000 titles of text books, reference books and national and international journals. Along with the conventional library, City College promotes online library with very good internet facilities. The whole school is accessible by the Wi-Fi connections.


City College systems include a friendly environment that promotes creativity and innovation among its students. Students receive and submit their assignments online. The system encourages students to take responsibility and develop their leadership skills through the co-curricular activities. Besides the class-room and in-school activities, students take part in different social and community level activities during their study period. City College, through its networks, provide students exposure to the emerging challenges of Nepalese society and economy by field visits and guest lectures.


Since City College is promoted by the BL Conglomerate and KMC Educaional Network, all SBUs under the organization become part of the City College network. The network will provide opportunities to the students for business exposures through industrial visits and internships.

Teaching - Learning Methodology

City College has fully adopted the student-centred teaching learning methods where teachers work as facilitators and students take the overall responsibility of learning. Students regularly undertake exercises and assignments in the form of class presentations, seminars, case analysis and field projects. City College not only aims to provide knowledge and skills, but also develops the overall personality of the students and make them capable of taking challenges, handling stress of the modern society, and ultimately become entrepreneurs, business leaders, professional managers, and above all responsible global citizens.