Some Success Stories of Students.

Ms. Sushma Thapa: Ex- student of NINE, says that I am grateful for Norvic Institute of Nursing Education because of its quality education, I held third position in a class. After completion of my PBN (Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing), I have been working with this institute as a teacher since 2012. I perceived it as a great opportunity to develop my career in this institute.

I am proud to be a product and a part of this institute. I received two month SBA (Skill Birth Attendance) training and I am working as a Midwifery teacher. The working disciplines of this institute such as strong documentation system, catching, guidance and training made me really strong towards managerial and nursing practices in the line of ISO. I absolutely enjoyed working in teams with this institute and my cohort of PCL faculty.

To students, considering choosing nursing as a career, I would say take full advantages of this opportunity Norvic Institute is providing to advance your career. And to develop the skills and talents you have. The benefits of attending and receiving an education from such a highly regarded college are almost too many to mention.